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Hello G.S.C . My name is Stew and l am offering my services as crew member on board a cruising sailing vessel. I have in the past had several sailing yachts and took on crew, some good crewmen and some what didn't know the bow from the stern.

I know from experience how important it is, that all on board must work as a team .

Many many years ago l crewed for this skipper, well that's what he called himself .

I felt as though it was captain Blythe himself, with his temper and shouting . Just didn't workout. I thought at the time Captain Blythe. Then l come to my sences and thought No!!!! Captain Blyth was an extra Brilliant seafarer. But this man did not have a clue at all. I he was trying to cover up his embarrassment by shouting and bowling.

Anyway enough was enough. We got to Piel Island l got my gear and told him to get someone else to take him home. If it would have been a long passage there quit easily could have been a mutiny..

So l need to crew for a skipper who is calm, and as respect for his crew. What doesn't go shouting and raving if things get a little tough.

I would know my job as a crew member, as l can read what's going on . I am easy going and l know a few sea chanties as l play the guitar and banjo l learnt them in my merchant navy days.

I have a yachts masters cert shore base as l never got round to doing the full lot as l took up flying and left the sea and sold my yacht . I have tons of gear for sale.

The sea will always be in my vains it was my home in the merchant navy.

I would recommend we meet and see if we see eye to eye, and take it from there.

You can sus me out. Because l will definitely sus you out, in a respectful way.

Thanks Alot for reading this book.

By the way lve a good sense of humour . So if your a miserable bugger forget me .

Fair winds and good sailing to you all.

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