Dinghy Park Tidy-Up

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Dinghy Park Tidy-Up

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Dear Member,

We had a committee meeting last night and it was decided that it would be a good idea to tidy up the Dinghy parking area of the boat park.

Due to the virus, a lot of dinghies have not moved this year and are seriously overgrown with grass and weed. We are proposing to pull them out shortly and cut the grass even though that should already have been done by the owners.

Then the plan is to move the "active" boats to the end near the garage and the rest will be moved down nearer the hedge. You will notice over time that the active area will be kept trim by the sailing members.

Owen, Robin and Dave Gill will be getting on with this shortly and if you want to move your own boat, please feel free to come and do that before it is done for you.

best wishes, GSC Committee
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