GSC Covid-19 Update

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GSC Covid-19 Update

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Good-day All,

I have asked for volunteers to lead a Covid-19 working group and progress the RYA checklist. Given that none are forthcoming, the Committee will progress the RYA checklist scope as best as they are able in terms of GSC activities. The following output was agreed from a ‘Zoom’ Ad Hoc Committee meeting held on 21 May 2020.

The way forward from 22 May 2020:
• The Committee will meet on a frequent basis and at least following any change in the government’s planned phased relaxation instructions or guidance from the RYA. This would be done electronically until any such relaxation on social distancing allowed alternatives to be considered.
• From today we will facilitate members staying longer on site during any one day by allowing limited access to the Clubhouse so that toilets are available. It was recognised that longer periods of time on site would demand toilet usage and that regular hand washing was a major frontline defence against the virus. Access to other areas of the Clubhouse is not be permitted at this time.
• Sailing is to be permitted on a restricted basis. Boats should only have the club member as a solo sailor or could include other members of their household.
Such boats must be launched and retrieved without the use of club vehicles. The Patrol Boat will not be in operation at this time and such sailing sessions will not attract any other type of club support. Therefore, people should sail well within their capability to reduce the risk of requiring an emergency services call out.
• For the immediate future Club Vehicles will remain out of action. These are deemed as hotspots for potential cross contamination/virus spread, and are difficult to keep thoroughly clean. The same applies to other club equipment and for the same reasons. The telehandlers are also not receiving their regular maintenance due to Stafford socially isolating himself by not visiting the club. Therefore, the risk of breakdown increases which could result in major issues given the epidemic.
• The Club does not supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or any form of Covid testing. Such things would be difficult to supply and administrate or enforce. We therefore promote:
- Social distancing at all times.
- No meeting in groups of any size other than one to one and then only for short periods.
- Members who have Covid-19 symptoms and / or have come into contact with somebody who has, should stay away from the club.
- Frequent handwashing.
- No overnight sleeping on boats, in vehicles, caravan or camping.
- No access to the Clubhouse other than toilet areas (please note hot water to the showers will be turned off).
• The Committee recognises that these are difficult times, but the stakes are high for non compliance as such acts not only endanger the individual but others as well. Therefore, we acknowledged that we may have to take formal actions against any member who flaunts these instructions.
• The next Committee review of these conditions will be on 1 June 2020 following the PM’s planned Covid-19 update.
I hope the Committee has your support in following the above.

Roger Pearce

Commodore GSC
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