Navigating the Lune Channel



The channel is always moving, and despite appearances when you get there, the buoys are generally on their correct sides of the channel.

When entering the river for the first time, if your speed through the water is about 4 - 5 knots, do not leave Lune 1 buoy earlier than 2 hours before High Water.

The Lancaster Port Authority kindly keep us updated with changes in buoyage as and when they happen, and John Bacon updates the GSC Forum Section with them so you will have the latest Notice to Mariners.

Be sure to go past the other buoys on the correct side, particularly no 8 and 10 , The main dangers to avoid at low water are the training walls near Basil Perch and the rock bank ( skear ) at Sunderland.

. Please check the FORUM for the latest update